Carrier Ring

Carrier Rings are used

Carrier Rings are used :

When flanges are not sufficiently thick for tapings.
On Lined Pipe Lines
Used with composite flanges
Where pipe tapings are not practical.
Various Types of Carrier Rings
Type CR1  
This Carrier Ring is made from solid one piece, Orifice plate is part of this carrier Ring. Tapping position is fixed at the time of manufacturing
and can not be changed afterwards. These are manufactured for line size 15NB on wards. Tap type is corner tap.
  Type CR2
Orifice Plate can be changed whenever necessary. Annular chamber improves the pressure signal. Tap type is corner tap
Type CR3-1 / CR3-2  
Carrier ring is provided with Transmitter Pad. (CR3-1) Transmitter can be directly mounted on the pad. 3 Valve Manifold also can be used to
mount Transmitter. (CR3-2). No need of piping. Less number of joints
elements leakage possibilities. Model is very compact. Orifice plate can be a part of Carrier Ring or can be provided separately and screwed on the carrier ring. Tap type is corner tap.
Type CR4
Used for By Pass Rotameter. Tap type is flange Tap. Orifice plate can be changed if required. Tap position can be changed.
Type C-RTJ-1 & 2  
Used in all flange applications. Orifice Plate is an integral part of Carrier Ring (C-RTJ1). Orifice Plate can be provided separately and screwed on the carrier ring (C-RTJ-2.)
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