Glass Tube Rotameter is a low cost flow Indicator with low pressure drop. It can be scaled to cover flow from 10 LPH to 25000 LPH. It does not need any power to indicate the flow rate.

With increasing automation in the industries more and more parameters are being transmitted as electrical signals. Modern advanced flow transducers such as Magmeter or Coriolis do transmitter the signal but they are very costly.

Glass Tube Rotameter is a low cost instrument and up till now there is no transmitter on it. Tansa has developed an add-on transmitter for Glass Tube Rotameter. Transmitter has been designed for almost all glass tubes and it is mounted on the glass tube by nylon straps. Transmitter fits on the side of the glass tube while retaining visibility and the present local indication by the float and the scale.

Transmitter out put is two wire loop powered. A long wire is bought out from the enclosure through a cable gland which can be terminated out side in the junction box.

Operating principle :

The usual Teflon or SS float of the Rotameter is changed to magnetic float, without affecting calibration. The float movement is sensed from the magnetic field coming out through the glass tube this is then converted to 4-20 mA signals.

Input / output Specifications :
1)In-Put: - Vertical Displacement of the magnetic float proportional to flow.
2)Out Put: - 4-20mA DC in max 600 Ώ loads proportional to Flow rate.
General Specifications :

1)Mounting: - On Glass tube inside the box by nylon Strap.
2)Enclosure: -Aluminum Extruded Tube.
3)Dimensions:-20 x 20 x 250 mm
4)Power Supply: - 24VDC +/- 10%-4-20mA loop Powdered.
5)Operating Ambient Temperature:- 0-50°C
6)Humidity:- 90% RH maximum non condensing
7)Temperature drift: - 0.04% / °C maximum of full scale.
8)Accuracy: - +/- 2% of full scale for Flow rate from 10 to 100% Input.
9)For GTR-TX-HAZ - "As per IS norms out stand alone sensor is "Simple Device", therefore it can be installed in hazardous area and needs no separate certification"

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