Magnetic Level Gauge
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The Magnetic Level Gauge is the instrument to read a level indication in whatever plant or operating conditions giving free maintenance, preventive security against leakage, environmental safety, sure and trouble free application with chemically aggressive, pollutant, harmful or poisonous, inflammable or explosive, optically similar fluid interface.

Operating Principle

The operation of the magnetic level gauge is based on some elementary physical principles:
The principle whereby the liquid in communicating vessels is always at the same level
Archimede's principle according to which a body immersed in a liquid receives a buoyancy equal to the weight of displaced liquid.
The principle of attraction between North and South poles of two permanent magnets and that of repulsion between like poles.

This principle has two applications in the magnetic level gauge:
First between the magnet in the chamber float and every single magnet of the indicating scale.
Second between the magnets of the indicating scale.

The magnetic level guage consists of :

A vertical chamber consisting of a tube of suitable diameter and thickness containing a float wherein a permanent magnet is placed exactly on the liquid level line.
Two horizontal stub pipes for connection to the vessel containing the liquid of which we wish to know the level.
Two stop valves (recommended, but not mandatory) one on each stub pipe, to isolate the level gauge.
An indicating scale, outside the vertical chamber, consisting of a case of non-magnetic material with transparent.
Front face containing a set of small permanent magnets enclosed in small cylinders which can rotate on their horizontal axis.
These cylinders show an external surface having two different colours.

Types of Magnetic Level Gauge : 1 Capsule Type 2 Flapper Type


The application range is very wide and includes all the situations where the fluids are:
at high pressure, at low or high temperature
at low pressure, at low or high temperature
chemically aggressive
pollutant to environment
noxious or poisonous for people health
inflammable or explosive
with identical optical characteristics of the superimposed phases (interface)

Specifications :

Mounting Orientation of Process Connection : Top / Side
Type of Level Gauge : Capsule / Flapper
Process Connection : Flange Connection / Screwed Connection
Connection Size : 15 NB to 100 NB
MOC of Liquid Chamber : SS 304 / SS 316 / SS 316L
MOC of Float : SS 304 / SS 316 / SS 316L
Drain and Vent : ½" NPT / ½" Ball Valve / ½" Needle Valve
Scale : Aluminium / SS / Acrylic
Gasket : CAF / PTFE / Graphoil
Fasteners : CS/SS
Additional Feature : Available with Transmitter or Switch